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Top Kitchen Do’s & Don’ts

Top Kitchen Do’s & Don’ts

Do: Bring cabinets to the ceiling.

Don’t: Have a dust collector or have any room to store needless cluttering objects! Having space above the cabinetry is only going to be a dust collector!

Cabinets to ceiling

Do: Use cabinetry to conceal appliances. Be clever in your layout and hide away things like large fridges and microwaves.

Don’t: have all your stainless steel appliances for the world to see crowding bench space.

concealing cabinets

Do: Make the space work for you! Utilise what you have and work with it to create a clever design and floor layout that works for you. Whether it’s long and narrow, small with no room to move or open, be clever in the way you think!

Don’t: Big is not necessarily better! A fabulous kitchen design can work no matter how small the space.

Make space for you

Do: Create balance and harmony in your home.

Don’t: Never go over the top with overhead cupboards! Filling the walls with all shapes and sizes of storage can make a room look busy and out of control.


Do: Have bench space beside stove tops and ovens.

Don’t: Put an oven by itself. Where will you put that roast that’s heavy when you pull it out of the oven?!


Do: Invest in good quality materials and joinery

Don’t: Try not to skimp on quality as you want your kitchen to last the distance and cope with the many years of service yet to come!


Do: Use draws in under bench cupboards.

Don’t: Use cupboards as you will waste countless hours on your hands and knees trying to find that particular dish.

023 - Open2view ID291867 - 17 Lampard Street_ Armstrong Creek

Do: Have a design layout that is efficient to work in. Use the triangle formula which suggests that the fridge, sink & cooktop are all between 1.2m and 2.7m away from each other and form a triangle shape.

Don’t: Have a bad design which means lots of walking around and being inefficient.


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