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Please Note: Pivot Custom Homes Pty Ltd in Geelong is in no way affiliated or never has been, with Melbourne companies Snowdon Homes, Oreana Property Select or Pivot Construction Group.

Knockdown and Rebuild

Has the time come where your home is now too outdated for your tastes? Perhaps you may want something new, or maybe some things are breaking beyond repair.

One choice you have as a homeowner at this point is to sell the house and move on. Another choice you could make is known as ‘knock down rebuild’.

This is when instead of moving, your current home is demolished and a new one is built in its place. While this may sound strange and costly, it is often a rewarding and a more satisfying experience.

Not only that, but quite often knocking down and rebuilding can be cheaper than finding and buying a new home.

Knock down rebuild projects are becoming an increasingly popular, cost effective and time efficient option within the inner suburbs of many capital and regional cities.

Home renovations, extensions and alterations can also be extremely costly per m2 with many horror stories of budget blow outs, disruptions and unforeseen construction problems.

Custom designing and building a new home can offer exceptional value and provide a host of benefits.
•    You don’t have to compromise on purchasing an established home
•    There is no government ‘Stamp Duty’ to pay saving you big dollars
•    You get to remain in the area you love, close to family, schools, shops etc
•    You avoid the kids having to change schools
•    You are free to design the exact home to suit you and your lifestyle
•    Your new home is likely to be far more energy efficient which will save you money on your energy bills

Our design process is all about providing you with total peace of mind. We can guide you through the process from the demolition of your old house to obtaining all the necessary council paperwork and approvals.

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