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Get that Hampton Style look in your home

Hamptons Style

The Hamptons Style is all about utilising beautiful natural light and creating a breezy relaxed beach vibe with a hint of classic elegance.

  • Natural timber flooring either in dark oak tones or lighter shades using white wash.
  • White walls with just a hint of warmth (Dulux Natural White or Stowe White as examples)
  • Natural materials. E.g natural fibres such as jute floor rugs in pale colour tones.
  • Furniture should also follow a natural/white colour theme. This can be done by using natural materials such as linen, cotton for throw rugs, pillows and cushions.
Hamptons Lounge
The dark timber flooring and beams are a great feature of this room.
The white colour scheme is used to great affect in the above image with the book shelving acting as a break in the colour tones.
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