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Top 5 Bathroom Trends for 2015/2016


Freestanding baths

The bath symbolises to people something that is both relaxing and also symbolises ‘downtime’. By highlighting it in your design you are not only making a feature of one of the more expensive objects you will install but create a space of both harmony and of relaxation.

The curve of a freestanding bath can soften the overall look you are trying to get so careful consideration needs to take place. Whether it’s a contemporary stone or resin bath or a more classic look with claw feet, there are some truly breathtaking baths out there to choose from.

1 Freestanding bath


Rain showers

In the past there hasn’t been much choice for both tapware and showerhead designs and functionality. However times have changed with plenty of designs to suit everyone’s tastes now on the market. On trend currently are large soaking showerheads which can either be controlled by more traditional taps or by the more popular mixers. There is a wide variety of shower roses to suit most people’s taste or budget. There are small efficient water saving options up to large rain head type.

2 Rain shower heads


One of a kind vanities

The steady increase in popularity of the home renovator programs on the television have shown people that there is more choice out there than simply using a mass produced vanity that looks the same as the next one. People have been shown the freedom of being able to use an eclectic piece of furniture say from the ‘70s and turning it into a vanity. You can also custom design and make a piece that fits perfectly in with your needs and functionality as well as to give you the overall look you are after.


3 One of a kind vanities


Under mounted LED strip lighting

Lighting for most of us bring visisions of ceilings full of LED lights or groups of pendants in either stairway voids or over kitchen benches. They are commonly thought of more in terms of functionality in either they are on or off or can either be dimmed to change the mood of a room. However becoming more and more popular is LED strip lighting. Previously it has been a popular choice in the kitchen area however in the bathroom there are plenty of benefits that this type of lighting can achieve. It can give you a soft inviting glow to your bathroom area instead of the old fashioned harsh light of halogen. A bright light can be used as a feature near the vanity mirror to help with makeup etc.

4 Undermount LED strip lighting


Grey Colour Palette

Over the years there have been numerous trends in colour for your bathroom. From the ever popular blush pinks and mint green colours popular in the 50s through to the creams from the 90s there is always a new look available. Currently neutrals in the form of cool greys have become popular and more so with tiles that have a texture to them.

5 Grey palette bathroom

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