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Timeless Interior Tips for your Home

Consumers are becoming more design savvy than ever when styling their homes, but how does one create a timeless interior?

Styles and trends are temporary, they are reinvented and evolve through time.  Selecting finishes, fixtures and furnishings for your home is a costly process so avoid fleeting trends and follow these tips to create a timeless interior.


Natural Quality Materials

Using elements from our environment as a base in your home will never out date.  Natural stone, hardwood, reclaimed timber and organic fibers are a timeless choice for your home.  This can include replicas of the authentic natural materials including engineered stone, porcelain tiles and timber grain look laminates with tactile textures but the key is to ensure their quality.  Soft furnishings in linen, cotton and other sustainable fibers including bamboo, leather and hides are a sure way to a timeless quality interior.


Above:  Natural hardwood and timber grains || image via My Domaine


Above:  Organic textures with linen || image via Coco Lapine Design


Above:  Quality stone benchtops with timber joinery || image via Apartment Therapy 

Neutral Colour Palette

Neutral doesn’t have to be bland.  Adding textures to neutral hues can add interest and movement to your interior.  Contrasting tones will add depth and subtle patterns can visually create flow and give energy to a space.  Adding pops of colour or metals with accessories is a more practical way to stay with the times as they can be altered reasonably inexpensively as required.


Above:  Monochrome scheme with contrasting tones || image via Urban Couture


Above:  Nature inspired mood board || image via The Marion House Book

Furniture & Homewares

Selecting a mix of contemporary pieces with those that are vintage or pay homage to a bygone era rather than relying on a complete style will endure time.  Pieces that are classic and simple in shape that work cohesively together are ideal.  Furniture upholstered in leather or quality neutral fabrics, woven fibers and naturally finished timbers are a timeless choice.  Classic pieces (consider Hans Wegner or Eames) proven to stand the test of time are great to inject into your interior too.  A mix of cultural pieces can also work well teamed with modern furnishings and bring nature inside with indoor plants for a calming indoor environment.


Above:  Exposed block work, polished concrete, touches of old & new – timeless || image via Pinterest


Above:  Ticking all the boxes – natural quality finishes & classic pieces || image via Inside Out


Above:  Cohesive mix of modern, classic & cultural furnishings || image via Amber Interiors


Your home is a reflection of you and you are less likely to tire of your interior if you choose pieces you love.  Artwork can be a very personal choice and it is important to adorn your walls with what you love.  Choose Wall art that is size appropriate for the space and don’t be too fussed about colour coordinating the rest of you room with it.  Art is there to create conversation, to stand out and enjoy.


Above:  Artwork by Prudence Caroline teamed with timeless furniture & accessories || image via Rebecca Judd Loves


Above:  Abstract art statement piece || image via Pinterest

A timeless interior is a collective of styles, collaborating old and new, keeping the foundation neutral and ensuring quality.  Change is the only constant, so in the end choose what you love.

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