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Talking Tiles – Tips & Trends

Tile & colour selection stage of a build is exciting, well for some, others can be completely daunted by the process.  With so much choice, making a decision may be overwhelming but that’s why we enlist design specialists to assist with the process.

Abbie Blay, Design Consultant at Beaumont Tiles in North Geelong provides our clients with assistance when it comes to selecting tiles for their new Pivot home.  With Abbie’s vast knowledge of the tile industry, we share with you today her tips to selecting the right tiles for your space.


Tips on creating a low maintenance tiled space.

Larger format porcelain tiles are durable and mostly non-porous thus creating a uniformed surface with minimal grouting that are very easy to clean.


Tiles that have pattern and movement tend to hide the most dirt and dust. Tiles with colours and variation also help to play an integral part of keeping the tiled areas as low maintenance as possible. We always encourage clients to think about their current lifestyle when making a selection including rural areas, animals and family.

Matching grout colours as close as possible to the tile help to disguise discoloration and general wear and tear creating a harmonious natural look. We have a lot of tiles that are able to be laid closer together too creating smaller grout lines.

Always use recommended tile sealers and cleansers from your supplier, supermarket cleaners can build up on most tiled surfaces with a negative effect on the grout overtime.


What are the popular tile choices and styles you are encountering with clients?

Streamlined looks that are monochromatic and clean are definitely favourable with our clients at the moment. Neutral tones of grey, charcoal and white for the tiled surfaces and then adding in a touch of timber with vanity options and lighting.


We are still seeing variations in patterns that are either completely random or that create intricate floor detailing with throwbacks to beautiful Moroccan and vintage inspirations.  These are certainly still a favourite for the more daring client and can look fantastic as a whole floor covering or a floor to ceiling feature wall.


Natural stone is always a classic look and Carrara marble is a wonderful option due to its subtle colour variation and soft feminine feel, we have many exciting new shapes that really express the personal styles that reflect each and every customer some of these patterns include honeycombs, hexagons, brick stacking, rhomboids and herringbone designs.


Any design tips to create a great tiled space?

Designing a great tiled space does come down to planning and positioning, smaller areas such as bathrooms and ensuite needs to have a good flow between the design of the space and the products chosen to ensure that the area is cohesive.


Our tips are to choose tiles that fit the space and the character of your home, tiles can be so creative and interesting when applied to the correct area and can really add a lot of value to your property.

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Keep in mind that tiles don’t need to be just a floor covering or a product for wet areas, they can be used in almost any application from exterior facades to internal feature walls.


What are the hot new trends this season?

Subtle patterns

Create a stylised impression with trending geometric patterns and visual texture in a clean and easy white palette.  You can accentuate these styles and bring out the patterns with strategic lighting and areas that reflect natural light.


Timber look products

These are timeless with some tiles emulating a worn weathered look that gives it a charm of the past whilst incorporating modern materials; some even have a slight metallic finish throughout that really catch the eye.  New colours and creative sizing bring with it a new and exciting outlook on a more traditional product and a warmth to any home.


Natural stone and Concrete tiles

Stone and concrete are very big on the design scene at the moment and tiles are no different to that influence.  These tile styles incorporate the touch of nature with neutral tones and beautiful natural characteristics providing any space a grounded base to ignite your own personal style.


Credit:  Abbie Blay, Design Consultant, Beaumont Tiles, 350 Melbourne Road, North Geelong, 03 5278 7000

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