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Don’t let the Grinch into your Home this Christmas

Many of us spend the Christmas period travelling, visiting family, loved ones, holidaying and taking day trips.  Typically at Christmas, our homes are freshly stocked with gifts, making it a favourite time for thieves to visit while you leave your home unattended.

This photo illustrates a burglary or thief breaking into a home at night through a back door during the Christmas Holiday Season. View from inside the residence.

So how can you protect your home this Christmas from unwanted visitors?

Here are our 10 tips:

1. Keys should not be stored externally or internally in obvious places. Under the front door mat or pot plant, is not ideal.

2. Install deadbolt locks to doors and quality locks to windows – statistics show windows are targeted as a weak spot by thieves. Get into the habit of using them, even when home.


3. Advise your neighbours you are going away.  Neighbours can keep an eye on your property and attend to obvious signs of an empty house, including emptying your letterbox, placing the bins out and parking a spare car in your driveway.

Playing Out - Bartletts Road

4. Keep any valuables out of sight. Close curtains/blinds and securely lock garages.

5. Install a sensor light at the entrance and back of your property, this will deter unwanted guests.


6. Imitate to passers-by you are home by leaving a few lamps on inside.

7. Talk back radio softly left on inside will give anyone in close proximity the impression someone is home.

8. Ensure your home & contents insurance is current and adequate. In the unfortunate case you do have any intruder, you will be covered.

9. If you have valuables such as jewellery, tech gadgets or money in the home, invest in a home safe. These can be easily purchased for an average of $100 from your local Bunnings store.


10. Lock any personal information, passports or private documents in lockable filing cabinets.


This Christmas, let the only unexpected guest be Santa and enjoy your time away knowing your home is secure and safe.

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