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Keeping your Home Safe this Winter

Winter is here and the warmth of summer is a distant memory for many.  With the colder weather biting at our heels, the amount of time spent at home increases along with preventable accidents.  By planning ahead, your home and family can stay safe, healthy and above all… happy!

Indoor safety tips

  • Make sure you have working smoke detectors in your house.
  • Prepare a fire escape plan that the whole family can follow.

Fire Escape Plan

  • Have your gas heater/s serviced as per the manufacturer’s instructions every two years by a qualified professional.
  • Use and maintain wood fire heaters appropriately, particularly if burning overnight or when unattended.
  • Ensure electric blankets, portable heaters and hot water bottles are in proper working order before use.
  • In the kitchen, be present.  Do not leave unattended cook tops burning and keep a watchful eye over children during food preparation.  The majority of house fires begin in the kitchen.

Young Girl Risking Accident With Pan In Kitchen

Outdoor safety tips

  • Sensor lights are beneficial as they allow for areas outside to be well lit during the darker months.
  • External electrical including light switches, power points and other equipment must be protected from the weather and meet all safety requirements.
  • Clear gutters of debris to avoid blockage and leaks with increased rain.

coastal home

  • Maintain paving and steps with a high pressure hosing to remove any slippery moss build up.  Trees which drop leaves can also be a slipping hazard.


In the event that an accident occurs, it certainly pays to have insurance policies in place, household safety equipment and first aid.  Prevention is the best way to protect your home and family during the wintery months and usually more favourable than risking the consequences of complacency.

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