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Outdoor Durability for your Alfresco

Outdoor living spaces enhance a home’s versatility, value and appeal.  Alfresco areas provide flexibility when entertaining, a place to retreat and room to play.  When incorporating cabinetry, outdoor kitchens/BBQs, decorative screening and other fixtures into your alfresco, materials need to withstand the outdoor elements.

Laminex® Alfresco Compact Laminate is a product that is not only manufactured under high pressure and temperature, it’s surface is UV resistant to prevent fading and is available in eight contemporary colours.


Whilst the product is suitable for outdoor exposure, it is not recommended as wall cladding, balustrades or fireplace and swimming pool surrounds.


Laminex® Alfresco Compact Laminate is low maintenance and supplied with a 7 year warranty.  Using purposely manufactured products for the outdoors will provide your home with a quality you can enjoy for long term.


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  1. I would be extremely careful using this product. I think there are way better alternatives. Especially around moisture resistance.

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