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Please Note: Pivot Custom Homes Pty Ltd in Geelong is in no way affiliated or never has been, with Melbourne companies Snowdon Homes, Oreana Property Select or Pivot Construction Group.

Geelong delivers Sustainable Building Choices

Australian’s are more than ever making a conscious effort to better their environment, lifestyle and health with sustainable choices.


Adopting a sustainable way of living can have a wide spread positive affect from individually to family, community and locally, to nationally and worldwide.  Whether you are taking small steps towards a sustainable lifestyle or passionately committed, the common goal is to reduce an overall impact of the human effects on our natural environment and human health.


Contributing to a healthier environment with sustainable building choices is an attainable goal and you may be surprised of the long term cost savings.

We suggest implementing the following design features to help improve thermal performance, reduce heat loss and lower the number of emissions your home produces:

  • Thermal massing of wall and floor surfaces exposed to winter sun, providing radiated heat at night.
    • Polished concrete and tiled floors
    • Masonry, Stone or Rammed Earth Walls
  • Use of reflective surfaces to bring heat and light into darker, cooler areas of the home.
    • Plunge pools or water ways
    • Reflective polished floor finishes
  • Effective window placement – maximising winter heat gain while still offering protection from the harsh summer sun.
    • Limit window size and numbers to the west facing walls
    • Maximise windows to the north, allowing winter sun to warm the home
    • Use of operable highlight windows to purge heat during summer months


  • Roof lines, overhangs and eaves.
    • Protection of walls and windows from the summer sun
    • Allow protected, usable and comfortable indoor and outdoor space throughout the year
  • Insulation of all internal wet area walls.
    • This separates them from the living areas dramatically reducing heat loss
  • Polyester draft sealing of all openings, wall junctions and penetrations.
    • The elimination of air movement between inside and out improves thermal performance
  • Cross ventilation for summer cooling & protection from prevailing winds.
  • All fans, rangehoods and tastics are ducted externally and draft sealed.


Also consider using high quality materials and products that will also provide you with less maintenance and increase the value of your home:

  • Double glazed windows with argon filled cavities
  • High grade insulation to walls and ceiling space as standard
  • Rain Water Tanks with pumps for flush systems or water usage and for garden
  • Grey Water treatment systems to utilise treated grey water for garden etc


  • Solar power systems to supplement or replace grid use
  • High performance energy efficient hot water systems
  • High Velocity central heating systems
    • Utilising hydronic boilers that can double as instantaneous hot water supply
    • State of the art heat transfer systems for better moisture control and comfort
    • 50mm ducts with high velocity flow for better air distribution


When building a new home and making sustainable building choices, you have the opportunity to contribute to a better environment, increase your home’s liveability and comfort for now and the future.

We are constantly looking to develop new and innovative construction techniques and materials in the quest to improve sustainability of our homes.

Pivot Homes is a sponsor of the Hook & Vine Festival Torquay, 9th April 2016

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