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Planning Permit – How will it Impact You


There are many steps to navigate before building a new home and one of them is council approval.  Some lots of land require a planning permit subsequently influencing the design of your home, time frame and budget.  A well considered and documented application is the best way to receive your permit promptly and achieve your home goals.


What is a Planning Permit?

It is a legal document issued by your council permitting the use or development of your land.  A planning permit is issued with an expiry date and will include approved conditions for the use of your land.

Do not confuse a planning permit with a building permit.  A building permit refers to the construction method and can be applied for following the issue of planning permit.

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If your land requires a planning permit, you will need to meet criteria and design guidelines set by your council & their planning scheme.  Some of the criteria your application will be assessed on include:


Time Frame

You can expect the planning permit process to take 4-6 months.  This process will involve correspondence and communication with your allocated Planning Officer.

To avoid delays in planning, your application should:

  • Ensure the design is in line with planning schemes and overlays
  • Submit a well documented design to avoid requests for additional information

Permit Timeframe


As a requirement of your application for planning permit the public will be notified of your proposal by advertisement.  A notice will be installed on your land detailing the proposed works and use of land.  The signage shall remain on site for 14 days and surrounding residences will receive a notification via post of the application.


Should objections be received, council will assess each individually and quite often a site visit with the Planning Officer is required.   If all parties cannot come to an agreeable outcome, the application may be referred to VCAT resulting in lengthy delays.  Ideally, a mediation between council, owner and objector/s can resolve matters quickly and the application can proceed.



Application fees will vary amongst councils and jobs.  Most categorise their application fee based on the contract price of the build.  Amendments and extensions to permits may occur additional fees.

It is worth noting, not all land lots require a planning permit.  To determine if your land is subject to planning, contact your local council with your site address.  Ultimately, the objective is to protect and preserve the area and environment that your wish to call home, responsibly and respectfully.


Pivot Homes provides a holistic approach to design and construction including assisting you through the planning process.  For more information contact 03 5243 2350 or 0438 000 456.


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