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New Builds – Double Glazed Windows Geelong

Building a new home can be very exciting but when it comes to windows, it can be a pane in the glass.

There are so many things to keep in mind and take into consideration that it is easy to miss a detail, such as the number of glass panes on your windows, that may otherwise have a huge impact.

So, if you’re looking for a cosy and energy-efficient home, double glazed windows are something you need to consider for your home.

Double glazed windows Geelong

Before we continue, we might have to explain what exactly double glazed windows are.

An IGU, or an insulated glass unit, combines several glass panes built into a single window system. The most popular variety is the double glazed window solution. Still, thanks to the continuously rising prices of energy, systems with three and more panes are now also available on the market.

A double glazed window consists of two glass window panes that are placed separately in the frame. The space between the two panes is called a cavity and is usually vacuumed or filled with gas. The frame often contains moisture-absorbing desiccant, which combined with the inert gas minimises any chances of moisture building up in the frame.

According to the Window Energy Rating Scheme’s climate classes, Geelong falls into a heating area. This means that you need to choose windows that have good insulation properties and will allow you to retain the warmth inside the house. This way, you’ll be able to reduce heating costs.


Double Glazed Windows New Builds Geelong


Energy-efficient choices

When building a new home, customers get the opportunity to choose double glazed windows to achieve a 6-star energy rating. Double glazed windows in Geelong are offered by Pivot Homes in cooperation with Rylock Windows Geelong.

According to Murray Riccardi of Rylock Windows at Geelong, everybody knows the benefits of wall and ceiling insulation and every new home has both. Given that, the loss of heat through single glazed windows in a typical home in the winter is as much as 49 percent, and in the summer heat gain is a staggering 87 percent. If you double glaze the windows, you also double their performance.


Double Glazed Windows Geelong 1


Argon gas in double glazed windows

As we have already mentioned, double glazed windows could be either filled with vacuumed air or inert gas. Both function in terms of insulation and reducing the noise coming from outside the house. In the latest years, however, using argon gas has been a preferred solution for filling the cavity of double glazed windows.

Because argon is denser than normal air, the double glazing performs better than regular double glazed windows. Thus, windows filled with argon are usually getting higher energy efficiency ratings according to the Window Energy Rating Scheme.


argon double glazed windows Geelong


Why argon?

Argon is the third-most abundant gas in the Earth’s atmosphere – Wikipedia

Among the reasons for its popularity are that it is perfectly safe, odourless, colourless, and it is naturally present in the atmosphere, which means accidental leaks do not pose an environmental hazard.

Argon gas also does not seep out, which means that you don’t have to refill it every few years. The gas will stay there for the lifespan of the windows, which means minimal maintenance and no extra costs. Besides, argon has already been used in other popular home products such as electric bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

Double glazed windows with argon gas do come at a slightly higher price than those with vacuum-sealed air. Still, since argon gas does increase the energy efficiency of the windows significantly, the investment is surely worth it.

The gas-filled cavity is said to save up to 30% of a household’s energy bills. They retain the house cool during the summer and warm during the winter, which means you’ll see a return of your investment year after year.

As noted by Murray Riccardi, in their factory in Geelong double glazed windows are all filled with argon gas.


Argon Gas


Low-e double glazed windows

To maximise the insulating effect, most double glazed windows are also offered with a low-e, or low-emissivity coating. The coating limits the amount of ultraviolet and infrared rays that come through the window. At the same time, it allows for the light to enter your home.

The coating itself is microscopically thin, thinner than human hair, and is completely transparent. It functions by reflecting the heat. This way it reflects the inner temperature back inside so it doesn’t escape through the windows. During the winter, the insulating factor of low-e windows is improved by 39% compared to ordinary glass.

At the same time, it doesn’t allow the outside heat to enter your home in the hot months. Speaking in numbers, you can safely expect to reduce the heat gain by as much as 77%.

Whether your Geelong double glazed windows need to be sporting a low-e coating depends on the individual house plan. According to Murray, not all glass surfaces need to be coated. The company you have selected to work with should be able to advise you. The ideal is finding the best approach to maximise the effect based on your individual needs.


Low E Double Glazed Windows Geelong


Do you get condensation on new double glazing?

Back when double glazed windows were still new on the market, it was fairly common for customers to notice condensation building up in the gap between the glass panes. This issue was particularly irritating because first, it is just out of your reach and there’s nothing you could do about it; and second, you have invested in expensive windows and you don’t expect to have issues with them.

Fortunately, new double glazing solutions have this issue taken care of. In case you are still experiencing condensation issues between the panes, this would mean that there is an issue with your glazing and you need to contact your provider.

It is important to note here that this refers to condensation on the inside of the panel between the glass sheets, and not on the outside.




Troubleshooting condensation

Speaking of the exterior of the double glazed windows, while the latest generation of products made the condensation significantly less, you may still experience some, especially during the winter months. Although uncommon, this is still a surprising issue for many customers. After all, less mould build-up and cleaner air are among the most popular benefits advertised for double glazed windows.

The issue occurs when the humidity in the room is too high and the temperature on the inside is high, while the temperatures outside are low. Among the most common home humidity builders are clothes dryers, sinks, showers, and a humidifier on full blast. To avoid condensation issues, try to ventilate the space whenever the room humidity rises.




Double glazed product solutions

While you may be thinking of your standard wall window, it should be noted that the design opportunities including double glazed products are vast and can satisfy any design project you have planned. Here are just a few of the unorthodox glazed products available for your choosing.

Types of double glazed windows

Fixed window

Fixed windows are the perfect way to invite the light and exterior into your home. They could also be a great way to put an accent on the architectural style of your choosing.

With their semi-commercial appearance, fixed windows are designed specifically for double glazing. Their size can be increased to cover an area of up to 7.5 sq. m., and look especially great when accompanied by glass doors.




Casement window

Casement windows use effective cross-ventilation to allow the homeowners to control the breeze entering the house. Similarly to fixed windows, they are designed specifically for double glazed window systems.

Some models feature a bar operator for more precise sash control. Their push-out version also offers a full 90 degrees opening for maximum airflow.


Dougle Glazed Casement Windows Geelong


Sliding window

If you want to feel the outside breeze as much as possible, sliding windows provide an opportunity for a large opening and effective ventilation without taking space from the walking or living areas away.

The sliding windows also incorporate a slender framing to allow you to enjoy maximum light inside and the incredible views outside. Air leakage is minimised thanks to multiple seals.

The other characteristics of the model include a custom lock-body of stainless steel and long-lasting fly screen with different mesh options.


Sliding Double Glazed Windows Geelong


Awning window

Awning windows allow you to freshen up the air inside the room regardless of the weather outside. Since the opening is directed down you can open them in rain or snow without any worry.

The type of window is available in a variety of hardware options to suit different window sizes.

Customers can choose between manual latches, bar operation or chain winder. For the fans of automation, the model is available with an electric motor drive.


Awning Double Glazed Windows Geelong


Double-hung window

The beauty of double-hung windows is that they allow for the bottom and top areas to be opened simultaneously. While the cool air moves through the bottom, the hot air passes through the top sash.

This type of window also features vent locking, allowing for secure ventilation, counter-balanced mechanism, and slender framing. Air leakage is again handled using multiple seals.

Fly screens with different mesh options are also available upon request.


Double Hung Double Glazed Windows Geelong


Specialist window

Should you need a truly tailored solution, Pivot Homes and Rylock has you covered. Angles other than 90 degrees, arched or circular, bifold or single-hung windows, or whatever else you envision, can be manufactured for you.

To get more information on a window with a specific application, contact your local sales consultant.

Double glazed sliding doors

If you want to invite the sunshine into your double glazed windows Geelong home, the windows are not the only available solution. Among the trending glass products for new builds at the moment are the double glazed sliding doors.

Glass sliding doors create a unique and effortless transition between the inside and outside living space. The profile is so narrow that it fits smoothly within most walls.

Double glazed sliding doors are also fully customisable. You can specify the height, width, depth, frame colour, glass type, handle type and colour, lock type, fly screen, mesh type, and more.

The glazed doors are also available in 2, 3, and even 4 glass panels to satisfy even the most demanding customers.


Double Glazed Sliding Doors


Other glass door types

Hinged door

Hinged doors are the most popular glass door type available. They are highly customisable and offer inward or outward opening. They could also be used as a single panel or as a French door configuration.

The offered varieties include a “wide style” when very wide panels need to be used, and “frame only” to match with a timber panel.


Double-Glazed-Hinged-Door Geelong



Stacker door

If you want a large glass wall that is also removable and sliding doors just don’t allow for big enough opening, then stalker doors are a great option for your building design.

Stalker doors use multiple sliding panels allowing for a great opening for ventilation or entertainment. The type is available in a 3/6 or a 4/8 panel configuration.

The 3/6 configuration can be completed with fly screens that are stacked similarly to the glass panes. Unfortunately, the 4/8 configuration does not offer installation of fly screens.


Double Glazed Stacker Door


Bifold door

Bifold doors offer the widest opening possible compared to any other door type. Thanks to their Centor™ bottom-rolling hardware, bifold doors are both easy to install, reliable, and durable.

They are offered in a configuration of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 panels, that guarantees to meet almost any width requirement. Bifold doors are suitable for openings between 1.2m and 6m.


Bifold Double Glazed Doors Geelong

The benefits of double glazed windows

As you might have noticed by now, choosing a double glazed window solution for your home can add to the comfort, quality, and value of your home. To sum it all up, here is why this could very well be one of the best decisions you’ve made for your new home.

Energy-efficient home

As we already mentioned, going for double glazed windows in the Geelong area can save you a huge amount from the energy bills for both heating during the winter and cooling during the summer.

A few years ago, a satisfied customer of Murray Riccardi shared her experience: “I can put my cheek against the inside pane of my double glazed windows in winter and it feels warm, but if I do the same thing with my friends single glazed windows, I get a wet, cold face”.

Furthermore, if you want to turn your home into an investment you may need to look into the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, or NatHERS. According to their schemes, houses are given a different rating based on how energy efficient their design is.

To achieve a 6-star standard, you would need to consider the outside of the building, i.e. floor, wall, windows, and roof, as well as the orientation of the building. In case you strive for a higher rating, going for glazing is a must.


Energy Efficient Home

Environmentally friendly

Being able to keep your AC turned off all by itself is a huge benefit for those looking for a greener life. Not only that you save on your energy consumption but you also put out fewer gas emissions into the air and thus help to protect the environment.

Double glazed windows, however, are even more eco-friendly. After their lifespan has expired, most double glazed systems are completely recyclable.

Design flexibility

Double glazed glass products are available in an endless array of size and style. The frames and hardware can be made to match your individual needs.

You can now fill the house with light without compromising on the energy bills. Improve the aesthetic appeal of your home or build the house of your dreams. With glazed windows, the opportunities are now nearly endless.



Reduced mould

Reduced condensation naturally means reduced mould. Being the main reason for the build-up of mould, when you take care of condensation issues once and for all, you achieve two great wins:

  1. You protect your ceiling and walls.
  2. You ensure your family breathes clean and safe air inside the house.

Mould produces unseemly streaks and splotches but can also be dangerous for your family’s health.

When inhaled, the tiny spores produced by the mould can cause allergies, stuffy or running nose and skin or eye irritation. In more sensitive people, mould can cause severe reactions, such as lung infection and asthma attacks.


Noise cancellation

Building in a nice and quiet suburb could be a dream come true for many soon-to-be homeowners. For most, however, the reality of the surroundings means busy roads, public transport, highways, and even airports.

If you want to enjoy peace and quiet at home after a busy day, then you definitely need to consider installing glazing. The cavity between the two glass panes helps in blocking any outside noise, including road traffic, voices, industry, and construction.

Allow yourself better sleep and rest by insulating your home from the sound pollution.


Noise Cancelling


Property value

When looking to purchase a new home, many people look specifically for double glazed windows.

Should you decide to sell sometime in the future, your double glazed windows Geelong home will sell significantly faster and for a better price when compared to similar homes with ordinary single glass windows.

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