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Please Note: Pivot Custom Homes Pty Ltd in Geelong is in no way affiliated or never has been, with Melbourne companies Snowdon Homes, Oreana Property Select or Pivot Construction Group.

Home Design Service for your Lifestyle & Budget

Owner builders, interstate residents/families and investors, take note, this blog is for you.


Spending thousands of dollars on architectural fees when designing a new home can be avoided.  Many of our clients have previously engaged architects for a small fortune with less than a desired result. Sometimes they have not been listened to, with the architect more interested in what they want than what the client wants,  or budgetary issues and cost blow outs.

A50 - FLOOR PLAN (Low Res)

Designing a custom home can be a very personal and emotional experience, obtaining optimal results within your brief and budget, while creating an exciting and dynamic design is a task for our Custom Home Design Service.NEW WEBSITE PERSPECTIVE 1 (Low Res)


So what is the Pivot Homes Custom Home Design Service you say?  Designing a home customised to your brief with the opportunity to owner build or engage an independent builder.

Your Inclusions

  • Land appraisal, site assessment & Feasibility
  • Detailed design brief developed
  • Concept design and modifications
  • Design development (fine tuning of concept)
  • Coloured 3D computer modelling perspectives detailing solar access into the building at various seasons
  • Design documentation drawings (Site Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations, Slab Plan, Cross Sections, Site Planning showing excavated heights and filled areas, location of retaining walls if they are required, location of pool, tennis court, water tanks etc, floor finishes and 6 Star Energy Rating Report)NEW WEBSITE PERSPECTIVE 1


What appeals to many clients is once we have designed your new home, you have the freedom to obtain 2 or 3 quotes from local builders in order to get the best price.

With technology today ie email, skype, near maps etc designing your new home no matter where you are in Australia is really quite simple – we can access information and imaging on most blocks of land throughout Australia allowing our Design Team to study your lands solar orientation, the views, the slope and prevailing elements.NEW WEBSITE INTERNALFurthermore, we will guide you through and explain what information we require and how and where you can access or obtain it.  Items like the Contour Surveys, Certificate of Title, Drainage Plans, Zoning and Town Planning information, Developers Guidelines etc.

Your Expectations

  1. Quality – Your home will be custom designed to suit your family’s individual lifestyle requirements and your block of land (whether it be sloping, narrow or an awkward shaped block)
  2. Architectural Style – Your new home will have that unmistakable ‘Pivot Homes street presence’. It won’t feel like a ‘mass-produced’ type home that looks like 100s if not 1,000s of other mainstream homes
  3. Management – With little fuss, we can review and assist with Town Planning, Architectural Review Committees, Retaining Walls, Tree Issues, Bushfire Reports etc
  4. Flexibility – We provide you with all the latest innovations and lifestyle features in design to make your new home one that is truly timeless and unique
  5. Energy Efficient – Your new home will be ‘passive designed’ maximising your views whilst minimising your carbon footprint resulting in a reduction of your heating, cooling, gas and electricity costs
  6. Personalised Service – You will receive one-on-one personalised service from our passionate and dedicated team throughout the entire design process. You will not be passed around like a ‘Hot Potato’

The Cost

The full service fee to engage our Custom Homes Design Service is $7,990 (including GST).


If you are looking for an architectural style home design without the price tag that comes hand in hand with an architect, then the Pivot Homes Custom Home Design Service may be for you.  If you require further information, please contact Luke Walters, Sales Manager on 0438 000 456 or email

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  1. This is a great service do you design smaller homes maybe 17sq .i would be interested in this service to get something different but small as this will be a home mainly for just one person me .i am on a limited budget of 310,000 for house and land is this achieve able just looking at all my options at this stage

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