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The Knockdown Rebuild Process – Geelong and Torquay

Is your house old and due for renovation, but it seems like that could be an expensive project? If you don’t want to move out of the neighbourhood and renovating seems costly, have you considered a knockdown rebuild process?

It can be a more affordable alternative to moving or renovating, and it gives you the chance to have the perfect home you always wanted. Here is what you need to know about the demolish and rebuild cost and other details of the process.


Knockdown and Rebuild Process


What Is a Knockdown Rebuild Process?

You might already assume from the name, but let’s clarify what knockdown and rebuild projects involve. First, you knock down the existing home on your property. Second, you use the land to build a custom home of your dreams.

At its core, the process is simple. However, knockdown and rebuild involve various steps to take care of so that everything goes smoothly. It is also important to consider the costs since they should fit the budget you planned for the project.


Rebuild Process Lorne


What Are the Benefits of a Knockdown Rebuild Process?

Before we discuss the steps of the process itself, let’s see if demolishing and rebuilding is the right thing for you. We will start with the advantages of choosing these projects and what you can get from them.

Design Your Dream Home

You might not be happy with the layout of your current house. Perhaps there are too many small rooms and you would like to have more spacious living areas. Maybe you always dreamt about having a huge bathroom and that is not doable in the existing layout.

The knockdown rebuild process allows you to build your home from scratch. That means you can get every detail to match your expectations. From the exterior of the house to the room layout and their placement, everything is up to you. If you always knew what the house of your dreams looks like, knockdown and rebuild allows you to turn those dreams into reality!


Custom Design Knockdown Rebuild Process Geelong Torquay


Stay in the Same Location

The house you are living in might not look great, but the location is perfect—you are friends with the neighbours and your job is nearby. If you moved to another neighbourhood, that might mean driving to work would take longer. You would also have to get to know the neighbours and the area, which takes time and effort.

The advantage of a demolish and rebuild project is that it allows you to stay in the same location. You won’t have to move to another neighbourhood and you don’t have to change a single thing in the backyard, unless you want to change something. The fact that you will continue living in the area where you are already established while building a house that suits your needs is a tempting combination.


Rebuilding in the same location


A Lot Cheaper Than Purchasing a New Home

If you are buying a new home, you will need to buy the land. In case the land has an existing house, you will probably spend a lot of money adjusting it to your needs. All that makes it more affordable to demolish and build a new home from scratch on the land you already own.

It is worth noting that finding a new home can be a hassle. It could take months before you can find a perfect location and an established house that fits your needs. What about all the stress from real estate agents, auctions, and other parts of buying a new home?

You should consider refocusing and starting a knockdown and rebuild project. If you can take a grant from the government, that could reduce the overall cost further and save you extra money in the process.


Cheaper than purchasing a new home


Save Money in the Long Run

Your existing house might be a bit outdated. It hasn’t gone through a major renovation project for years, but you find yourself constantly investing in repairing things. Whether it is a small pipe leak or a small roof problem, old houses require frequent investments to keep them a suitable place to live in.

If you build a new custom home from scratch, you will be confident that it meets the latest standards. Since you can take care of every detail, that means there shouldn’t be any need for frequent and major repairs any time soon.

Additionally, new homes tend to be more energy-efficient than the old ones. Proper insulation will secure optimal temperatures throughout the year while reducing your utility bills. All that could save you money in the long run and make the knockdown and rebuild process a smart investment.


Save Money In The Long Run


Add Value to the Property

If you have a modern home that is new and fits all the latest standards, it will increase the overall value of the land. That might not be important at the moment, but it could become critical in the future.

What if you decide to sell the land in a couple of years? You will benefit from the increased prices and earn more money. A new house on the land is worth much more than the one that is decades old.

A Safer Option

You might not be the one who built the house on your current land. Who knows if your home is truly a safe place to leave? What if there are some faulty wiring or plumbing issues? What if you find asbestos or that the foundation is poor? Radon gas seeping in from the soil? All these could compromise your safety and your health.

The knockdown and rebuild process is a safer option since it will uncover all these issues along the way and resolve them. Once the project is finished, you will have the peace of mind that everything was done in accordance with the current standards.

What Are the Potential Drawbacks of a Knockdown Rebuild Process?

It is normal for every project to have both advantages and drawbacks. Here are some things to be cautious about when it comes to the knockdown rebuild process.

You Will Have to Relocate for a While

After you demolish the current property, it will take a while to build a new house. During that time, you will need to relocate and find accommodation for you and other members of your household.

You could stay at a family house, a friend’s place or in a hotel, but it is essential to be prepared for this. A professional building team will estimate how long the project will last, which means you will know when you can return and move into a brand-new home.


Relocating whilst home is being rebuilt


The House Will Lose the Old Charm

While you can go with the same style for the new house, it might not have that same charm. If you lived for years in the previous home, it might take some time to get used to the new house. The good news is that you can tailor it to your needs and preferences. That should make the adjustment period shorter and easier.

Make Sure to Choose the Builder Carefully

A rogue builder won’t only charge more, but they won’t follow your instructions to the smallest detail. And it is only natural that you want the house to be exactly the way you imagined it. This is why it is imperative to pick your builder carefully.

As a company that has more than three decades of experience in the industry, we have all the necessary licenses and qualifications for home builds. We are proud of the long list of satisfied clients over the years. Our team is ready to listen to your requests, discuss them until everything is sorted out, and then build your home while following the instructions provided.

Trusted Builder

What Are the Steps of a Knockdown Rebuild Project?

Would you like to know more about the process? Here are the usual steps for a knockdown rebuild process.

1. Your Home Design

The first thing is usually the part that you will enjoy the most. You probably imagined your dream house in the past, but you now get to design it!

You start by choosing a style and then move to the layout and other details. Try to find a building or designer in the Geelong region who offers 3D visualization, professional software to create a 3D designs allows you so see what your home is going to look like before its built. Pivot Homes design team , will listen to your ideas and design your home in 3D. You can ask us to show you some existing custom home designs to help you choose.


2. Get the right Paperwork

It is important to get the paperwork right so that your proposal/building permit gets approved. That is where you need a reliable builder with expereince. A trustworthy company will handle the planning and permit process for you, which includes reviewing your title, checking the applicable laws, and any other relevant details for the proposal. The builder can communicate with the local council to save you the hassle.

3. Discuss the Details of the Project with the Builder

A trustworthy builder will always set aside enough time to discuss all details of the project with you and answer any questions you might have. You will discuss your requirements and expectations until there’s a meeting of the minds. Based on that, the builder will calculate all the changes and upgrades required and offer a preliminary knockdown rebuild cost for your particular project.

Our experts can assist in getting all details sorted out, including finishes, colours, and even fixtures for bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms.

A site assessment will be necessary to identify potential limitations and other things that could affect the project. For example, if the land is sloped, that might be a limitation. Limited access to the land might also affect the process.

Once the entire planning phase is done, the project can start!

4. Demolition

It is now time to start turning your vision into reality. It all starts with demolishing the old property on your land. Pivot Homes also handles demolition projects, that way, we can save you some time and effort in the process.

5. Building Your Home

After the land has been cleared, our experts will start building your new home. We will follow all the instructions provided and make sure to apply them to the smallest detail. Our site manager will communicate with you during the entire process to keep you in the loop. You will always know how things are going and whether there have been any new developments.

A building project usually starts with the base, which means we will begin by pouring the slab. From there, we continue to erect the frame and then move on to the lock-up stage. During this stage, we erect the walls and roof of your new property.

Our staff then proceeds to get all the details on the interior and exterior of your home done. Once this is finished, it will mark the completion of the project. You can then move into a new home tailored to your needs and desires!


Building Your Home


What Expenses Are Included in the Demolish and Rebuild Cost?

The knockdown rebuild cost varies from one project to another. A lot of factors will enter the total price of your project. Find the guidelines that would help you design a budget estimate below.


Everything starts with demolishing your house, and it’s an important thing to make sure it is included in the project cost. Here are some factors that could affect the total demolition price:

  • House size
  • Building materials and potentially hazardous compounds like mould or asbestos
  • How easy it is to access the site
  • Tree removal and other land clearings
  • Distance to the disposal or recycling spot

Site Preparations

Is there any need to make structural changes to the land before building a new house? That might be the case if you want to build a larger house or make other adjustments. You can discuss this with a professional to get a better idea of the work needed and the cost.

House Building Specifics

While you are planning how your new house will look, consider the following things:

  • House style – do you prefer a contemporary or classic style? The style selected could ultimately affect the demolish and rebuild cost.
  • The general layout – start with the main floor, but don’t forget the basement and upper floors, if that’s part of your new home.
  • Garage – would you like a garage included in your new layout?
  • Kitchens and bathrooms – apart from the layout, make sure to consider the desired materials and finishes.

It is crucial to go into small details to get an accurate estimate. A professional builder can assist you in identifying materials that will meet your budgets and expectations. Experienced contractors are ready to help you in turning the house of your dreams into reality while ensuring you stay within the budget.

You can use our custom home calculator to calculate the cost of building and designing your new custom home.


Expenses included in demolish and rebuild


Why Is Now a Great Time for a Knockdown and Rebuild in Geelong and Torquay?

The knockdown rebuild cost you calculated might be why you’ve been putting off this project. However, now is a great time to rebuild your home in Geelong and Torquay, and that is because of the news recently published by the Federal Government.

According to the announcement, the FG started a grant program that involves giving $25,000 to all Australians ready to invest in building or renovating their homes. A grant means that you don’t have to pay that money back, which means that the Government will sponsor a part of the project.

Housing Construction Grant Resources

  • Check out ABC News for more information about the grant.
  • Take a look at to discover more about how this grand could affect the prices.

Who Is Eligible for the Grant?

The grant comes with several requirements, which include:

  1. You can receive a grant if you are ready to spend $150,000 of your money on the project.
  2. It is required to list a licensed builder that acquired a license before the Government announced details of the grant program. Pivot Homes fits this requirement, and we have years of experience in the industry.
  3. You can only apply if the house value is less than $1.5 million. For the new builds, the capped value of the project is $750,000.
  4. It is not possible to apply if you earn more than $125,000 per year, or you are a couple that earns more than $200,000 per year.

The idea of this program is to boost the construction demand in times when the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening it.

Pivot Homes Is Your Trustworthy Partner for Complete Home Builds

Are you ready to start a knockdown rebuild process on your land in Geelong or Torquay? If that is the case, you will find a trustworthy partner in Pivot Homes.

Our company has been in the industry for over 30 years. We gathered an experienced and professional team ready to go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations. Our custom home rebuild projects start at $400K. Contact us today to learn how Pivot Homes can turn your dreams into reality.

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