A Pivot Home is an Energy Efficient Home

We are proud and responsible for the design and performance of all of our homes. We work with you to be environmentally conscious and always consider site orientation, solar aspect, thermal mass, natural light, cross ventilation and protection when designing your new home.
New Home Sustainability

Our use of 3D modeling software allows for the plotting of the suns ingress during summer and winter to ensure the best possible thermal performance of your home.

We use only the highest grade materials and products as standard including double glazed argon filled windows as minimum, high grade insulation to ceilings and walls, grey water treatment systems, solar power systems, recycled wharf and bridge timbers for design and structural elements and high velocity central heating systems using hydronic technology.


We implement many design features into our homes to improve the thermal performance and reduce heat loss including:

  • Thermal Massing of wall and floor surfaces exposed to winter sun, providing radiated heat at night.
    • Polished concrete and tiled floors.
    • Masonry, Stone or Rammed Earth Walls.
  • Use of reflective surfaces to bring heat and light into darker, cooler areas of the home.
    • Plunge pools or water ways.
    • Reflective polished floor finishes.
  • Effective Window placement - maximising winter heat gain while still offering protection from the harsh summer sun.
    • Limit window size and numbers to the west facing walls.
    • Maximise windows to the north, allowing winter sun to warm the home.
    • Use of operable highlight windows to purge heat during summer months.
  • Roof lines, overhangs and eaves.
    • Protection of walls and windows from the summer sun.
    • Allow protected, usable and comfortable indoor and outdoor space throughout the year.
  • Insulation of all internal wet area walls.
    • This separates them from the living areas dramatically reducing heat loss.
  • Polyester draft sealing of all openings, wall junctions and penetrations.
    • The elimination of air movement between inside and out improves thermal performance.
  • Cross ventilation for summer cooling & protection from prevailing winds.
  • All fans, rangehoods and tastics are ducted externally and draft sealed.

Products and Materials

We utilise the highest quality materials and products as standard, all designed to improve the thermal performance of our homes and provide a worry & maintenance free future:

  • Double glazed windows with argon filled cavities. All homes include this level of glazing as a minimum standard.
  • High grade insulation to walls and ceiling space as standard.
    • Ceiling - R5.0 Gold™ High Performance Ceiling Batts (210mm).
    • Internal walls - R2.5 Gold™ High Performance Wall Batts (90mm).
    • External Walls - R2.5 Gold™ High Performance Wall Batts (90mm).
    • First Floors - Acoustic Batts 75 580/430 x 1170 or R2.5 Gold™ High Performance Floor Batts.
  • Rain Water Tanks with pumps for flush systems or water usage and for garden.
  • Grey Water treatment systems to utilise treated grey water for garden etc.
  • Solar power systems to supplement or replace grid use.
  • High performance hot water systems.
    • Standard – Rinnai - Infinity 32 Enviro (Continuous Flow) Star Rating: 6.8
    • Option – High performance solar hot water system with either gas or electric backup.
  • Recycled bridge and wharf timbers as feature and structural elements.
  • High Velocity central heating systems.
    • Utilising hydronic boilers that can double as instantaneous hot water supply.
    • State of the art heat transfer systems for better moisture control and comfort.
    • 50mm ducts with high velocity flow for better air distribution.

We are constantly looking to develop new and innovative construction techniques and materials in the quest to improve thermal performance, comfort and livability of our homes.

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