Knockdown Rebuild

Love where you live and don’t want to move!

Has the time come where your home is now too outdated for your tastes? Perhaps you may want something new, or maybe some things are breaking beyond repair. Alternatively you just love where you live and hate the thought of moving! Or maybe you are thinking of building townhouses to capitalise on the location…. one choice you have at this point is to sell the house or move on. Or you could undertake what is known as a ‘Knock Down and Rebuild’.

A ‘Knock Down Rebuild’ is when instead of moving, your current home is demolished and a brand new one is custom designed and built in its place. While this may sound strange and costly, it is often a rewarding and a more satisfying experience. Not only that, but quite often knocking down and rebuilding can be a far cheaper option for upgrading your old home.

What’s involved in Knocking Down and Rebuilding?

With little fuss, we can manage the entire project from start to finish including demolishing and clearing the site, town planning, permits, safety fencing and abolishing services such as power, water and gas.

With over 25 years’ experience in designing and building homes throughout the region, we understand the sensitivity that is sometimes involved in the knockdown rebuild process. Furthermore, we offer a personalised service, which we believe, is second to none. Our ‘one stop shop’ approach provides you with teamed skills of Building Designers, Interior Designer and Builders all under the one roof.

Understand what ‘Knocking Down and Rebuilding’ will cost!

In order to understand what knocking down and rebuilding might cost, simply click here to use our 'Quick Custom Home Building Costing Tool'. It has helped many families quickly understand the costs of knocking your old house down and rebuilding. Should you require any further assistance you can call us on 03 5243 2350 or visit our Display Home in Warralily Coast at Armstrong Creek.

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