Custom Homes

What is a Custom Builder?

Consider the Custom Builder a craftsman.... they have a professional Design Team that custom designs a ‘one of a kind’ home to suit your wish list, your budget and your block of land. The Design Team will work alongside you to design a home for you that is totally unique and personal. You may be thinking of knocking down an existing house and rebuilding, you may have a sloping or difficult site, you make have acreage that has views, you may have certain restrictions or you may wish to have the greenest home in the region..... your Design Team is not only creative but a problem solver.

The Value of a Custom Builder

Building Designers are creative professionals that are passionate and committed to creating innovative and functional homes. You see, the way we live continues to change.... housing is not just about a roof over your head.... it’s about making a statement .... it about lifestyle. Homes that have been well designed through innovative, passive solar design not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save you money through reduced running costs which in most cases can increase the resale value of your home.

You, the client, are part of the team.

In essence, you as the client are a key member as part of the project and a key part of the creative team. As the client you need to be confident that the team you have engaged is a suitable fit for you and the project. Let’s dispel the myth that the Design Team will only be interested in imposing only their ideas and style to the project. A professional Design Team will be applying their skill set to understand and follow your brief so be prepared to voice your views and ideas.

When should I engage a Custom Builder?

Even before the design process begins, your Design Team can provide insight. This can include site selection and providing you with the feasibility of what you can and can’t do. Engaging the right Design Team early is often critical to the project’s success. It also gives you a chance to understand their processes. You will be asked questions like:

• Where are you up to?
• Do you have a design in mind?
• Have you established a budget?
• Do you have finance in place?
• What’s your Timing?

Answer these questions as honestly and openly as possible. The more viable your project is the more interest and expert advice you will receive from the Design Team. You can look across the Design Teams creative work and listen to how similar projects like yours have been addressed. Finally the chemistry ... determining a real fit and connection can only be determined by a face to face interview.... something you won’t get from a website.

How do I choose the right company?

Confidence and trust are the key ingredients in any relationship. When choosing a Design Team you need to weigh up the right mix of creative value, technical knowledge, process and costs. Ask plenty of questions and look for a team with good listening skills who shares your vision for your home. Things like 3D visualisations or walkthroughs, cost management, passive solar design principles and interior design are just a few things to listen out for. You may wish to speak to previous clients to discuss their experience. Seeing examples of their work will provide you with a sense of their quality and approach. Reputable firms should be enthusiastic about referring you to past clients and projects. It shows a high level of pride in their work and an innate ability to develop good relationships with their clients over the process of designing and building a custom home.

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